• How do I initiate services?

    You may contact us by email at cs@scalestailsandpaws.com, phone at 614-348-9859 or by filling out the service request form. Please include your full name, type of service requested, dates needed and the best way to reach you.

    What does the initial Meet & Greet consist of and is it required?

    The Meet & Greet is required prior to scheduling any new clients. We will typically schedule two pet sitters to come to your home for an initial interview- to meet your pet, become familiar with your home/routine, and discuss all important information about your pet’s needs. We ask that all meet & greets be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance of starting services. The initial meet & greet is at no charge when services are booked and paid for at this meeting, otherwise a $25 administration fee is charged. During this time, all paperwork and policies will be reviewed. It is important that the client fills out their new client paperwork completely prior to this meeting.  Two copies of your house key must be provided with payment in full. If you do not have two copies, another can be created for a $10.00 charge.

    How many times and how long will you visit with my pet(s)?

    Each household is different so times will vary, this is something we discuss in detail at the Meet & Greet. Typically, Scales Tails & Paws will not do less than 3 visits per day for homes with dogs. We apologize but we are unable to accommodate requests for every other day cat visits.

    Will the same sitter always visit my pets?

    Each household will have a main sitter/walker and a secondary sitter/walker, that way even if your main sitter is off sick or on vacation, you and your pets needs are always covered.

    How am I billed and when is payment due?

    All payment is due in advance, in full unless previously agreed upon. We accept MC, Visa, Personal Checks & Cash. There is a $35.00 fee for all returned checks. There is a $5.00 late charges fee per visit for all late payments. Payments are considered late if not received prior to or at the first scheduled visit.

    Do you have references?

    Yes, we are happy to provide references upon request.

    What is your refund/cancellation policy?

    We realize sometimes things happen, and plans need to be changed. However, once we have blocked off time for your pet, chances are we have had to turn away other clients. We tried to be fair when it comes to these policies.

    Less than 24 hours notice: 100% of total invoice for scheduled pet care is due
    1-2 Days: 50% of the total invoice for scheduled pet care is due
    3-4 Days: 25% of the total invoice for scheduled pet care is due
    5+ Days: No charge, refund in full

    Any cancellations prior to a major holiday; i.e.: Christmas, New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving with less than a ten day notice will result in 50% of the total invoice for scheduled pet care to be paid. We request your understanding that Holiday travel is a peak service time for pet care. If less than one week notice is provided, payment is due in full for the time originally agreed upon.

    We apologize, but we are unable to refund for “early returns” on vacation sits.

    * Mid Day walking clients, notice is required by 9am the day of scheduled services. Otherwise payment is due for the originally agreed upon time.

    What about privacy issues?

    Simply put, we treat clients, their pet(s) and homes as we would want ours treated. We restrict all activities only to parts of the home/yard deemed appropriate by the clients.

    Scales Tails & Paws does not disclose any information to third parties, including name, number, address or pet information.

    Extreme Weather:

    Scales Tails & Paws reserves the right to limit time outside in extreme or inclement weather. This includes severe thunderstorm in the immediate area, wind chills below 10 degrees, temperatures above 95 degrees or extremely icy conditions. Our goal is to keep your pets health, comfort and safety in mind. We will never force a pet to be in a situation that is harmful or can cause emotional trauma.

    Late Bookings:

    Due to our availability as a first-come, first-serve basis, we ask that you reserve all pet sitting visits at least one week in advance of when you will need service. There is a late booking fee of $20.00 for pet sitting services booked with less than 48 hours notice for existing clients or 72 hours for new clients. For dog walking visits, there is a $5.00 charge for all visits scheduled with less than 24 hour notice.

    While we do understand that last minute requests are sometimes unavoidable and in some cases understandable, we plan our days in advance to best accommodate our already scheduled clients. We appreciate your understanding!


    There is a $10.00 per visit surcharge for the following holidays:

    New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

    What is the Ready Key Program?

    Under the Ready Key Program, Scales Tails & Paws will keep your house keys on file in a secure location. This eliminates the cost of key pick up and drop off and also alleviates the hassle of arranging meeting times to exchange keys. This program allows us to accommodate most short notice requests.

    Why do you prefer to keep my keys & why do you need a second copy?

    By keeping your keys with us you don’t have the hassle & expense of having to transfer them every time you book a service. If we leave the keys on the last visit we cannot re-enter the property to service your pets if your scheduled return is delayed in an emergency.
    We keep a copy of your keys in the event that any are broken or damaged while you are away. It is also beneficial in the event you lock yourself out of the house we will come let you in at a much cheaper rate than hiring a locksmith!