• Pet Sitting

  • Rates

    15 minute potty break* $ 17
    30 minutes $ 25
    45 minutes $ 30
    Hour visit $ 40
  • All services are on an individual basis as there is no one size fits all. We can accommodate short weekend trips to long term care. For more details, or an exact quote, you can reach us by email, the requests form or by calling 614-348-9859.

    Scales Tails & Paws does NOT charge additional fees per pet, to administer medication or for routine care items but by time needed to properly care for your pets and home.

    Services Include:

    Included in all pet sitting packages at no extra charge:

    • Mail retrieval
    • Safety checks of interior/exterior home
    • Lots of lovins, belly rubs and scritches!
    • Administer needed medication (including injections and Sub-Q fluids)
    • Trash taken to curb
    • Indoor Plants watered
    • Blinds rotated
  • Cat Only Household - $25.00 per visit

    We understand that there is much more to cats than just setting out food and water. Of course we provide the basics such as feeding, fresh water and meticulous litter box care. More importantly, we take the time to get to know your individual pet’s personality and tailor our services to best suit their needs. We feel that cat only homes do best with a minimum of one visit per day. We apologize but we are unable to accommodate requests for every other day cat visits.

    Dogs or Multiple Pet Home - Starting at $25.00

    This is our most popular choice for your furry or feathered loved ones. Visits can include supervised feedings, cleaning of the litter box, walks, oral or topical medication if needed, lots of snuggles and playtime. Most households with dogs will require 2-4 regular visits per day while you are away.

    Feathered Friends Only visits - $25.00-$30.00 per visit

    Does your parrot have a favorite snack, like to stretch his wings in the living room, or simply enjoy taking a shower in the sink? We are more than happy to give your bird the stimulation and attention she’s used to while you are away.

    Just like our furry pets, it can be difficult to leave our avian friends in the care of others. Our sitters strive to make the transition easy for all birds, from budgies and finches, to cockatoos and macaws. Your bird will be comfortable and happy at home in its usual surroundings. We will take care of feedings, cage cleaning, and providing fresh water. Our sitters will take the time to build trust with your feathered pal, understanding that we are not mom and dad, but a new friend

    Potty Break* - Starting at $17.00 per visit

    This option is great for a third or fourth visit or for basic house checks.

    Potty breaks are only available as a third or fourth visit with dogs or a second visit with cat only homes

    Extended Visits - $30.00-$40.00

    Best for pets who need special care/medication such as insulin or Sub-Q fluids who require longer visits than the standard visit.

    Slumber Pawty - $150.00 *Limited Availability*

    Looking to spoil your pet while you are gone? Our overnight visits are 12 hours , typically lasting from 7pm until 7am and your pet(s) will receive lots of one on one cuddle and snuggle time, extra walks and exercise. Of course your pet is welcome to sleep with us! A mid day visit is included in the slumber pawty package. Availability is limited, please call to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance. No extra charge for multiple pets.

    Late Notice Reservations - $20.00

    There will be an additional administrative charge for reservations made with less than 72 hours notice for new clients or 48 hours notice for existing clients.