• Puppy Packages

  • Who doesn't love puppy breath! If you are thinking about bringing home a new bundle of love and aren't quite sure what to do, give us a call! We can help with all of your new puppy needs.

    Visits for puppy packages range in price depending on the length of visit.

    Some of the things we do at puppy package/housebreaking visits are

    • Potty breaks
    • Reinforce proper potty behavior
    • Feeding
    • Refreshing of water
    • Clean up any puppy potty accidents
    • Lots of playtime, love and exercise
    • Basic manners work – sit, stay, down, come, leave it and off
    • Leash manners and walks after 14 weeks of age
    • Field trips for socialization

    We follow any steps that you are doing to work on housebreaking along with giving advice from our years of experience housebreaking our own pups along with helping many many clients over the years.

  • Rates

    20 mins $ 23
    30 mins $ 30
    1 hour Field Trips $ 50