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5 Ways to Tire Out Your Pup

There are many ways to tire out your pup! Here are 5 of your local pet sitter's favorite ways to get them that much needed mental and physical stimulation.

As a professional pet sitter and dog walker, we know how important the tips below are for your pups mental and physical well-being. We use all these tips in our business to make your pup happy and healthy while enjoying that bonding time!

Tip #1 - Go for a long walk or hike

Walking or hiking with your dog is not only great exercise for them, but it also provides mental stimulation as they explore new sights, smells, and sounds. Try local metro parks like Blendon Woods or Sharon Woods in Westerville rather than the same old trek around the block. Switching things up gives your pups some much-needed new sights and smells!

Tip #2 - Play fetch

Fetch is a classic game that can keep your dog physically active and mentally engaged. It also helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

"A tired dog is a happy dog." – Ingrid Cawthorne, owner of Scales Tails & Paws Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Tip #3 - Teach them tricks

Mental stimulation can tire out your dog just as much as physical activity. Teaching your dog new tricks or commands is a great way to challenge them mentally and provide a fun and rewarding activity.

Tip #4 - Play with puzzle toys

Puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys require your dog to use their problem-solving skills to get to the reward. This can provide mental stimulation and tire them out. Make sure your switch out your toys occasionally to get the best benefits.

Tip #5 - Dog sports such as agility or scent work

Participating in dog sports or agility training can provide a fun and challenging physical and mental workout for your dog. It also provides an opportunity to bond with your dog and socialize with other dog owners.

Looking for help keeping your pup well exercised?

We offer daily or occasional dog walking that works with your schedule. Whether you need one walk a week or many, we have your tail covered! Call us today at 614-348-9859 to schedule your complimentary meet & greet.


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