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Why Daily Dog Walking Is Beneficial For Your Dog

Of course your dog needs daily exercise and physical exertion but dog walks are for so much more than just getting out and stretching those legs! We know you may not always have time to walk your dog as much as you (or they) would like. Let us help!

Mental Stimulation

While power walks can be great to get some of that energy out, a sniffing walk provides much needed mental stimulation. Walking can help alleviate boredom and potential destructive tendencies. Go ahead, let them sniff, even if it's just part of the dog walk. They will thank you for it!

Physical Health Benefits

Aside from helping keep your pet fit and trim, walking your dog helps keep those joints and muscles in top form and function. Even most older pets benefit from short, slow walks. As an added bonus, you get psychical and mental stimulation as well!

Training Opportunities

Walks are a great time to practice those sits, downs, stays and all the other commands you have worked so hard on perfecting at home. With distractions around, it may take patience but it is well worth the few minutes each walk to practice.


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